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Pro Stock


Pro Stock is for the competitor who still maintains a Stock appearance with their vehicle, but may have some minor interior modifications and extra power supplies.


Criteria for classing is as follows:


- System must be in a stock location - no factory installed seating may be removed

- Boxes must be below the back glass if installed in a cargo bay

- Unlimited batteries are allowed

- Dash and all interior components must remain factory, but may be upgraded with paint or vinyl covering

- Door speakers may be upgraded, but must still remain in the factory location  - door pods are allowed if they are still located on the door panel itself, no kick panel pods



Classing is as follows and based on the number of subs you will compete with, not wattage:


  - Pro Stock 1-2

  - Pro Stock 3-4

  - Pro Stock 5-6

  - Unlimited Subs