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Check out HS Customs again in Wallace NC.  Click the link below for Event information on Facebook:

HS Customs July 9th

NSCSPL will be onhand for SPL and Highlander Series at the event.

Our pricing will be $25 for one class, $40 for two.  If you are registered in the car show, we will offer a discount and do one class for $20, $30 for two.  Just for Fun is included FREE with any registration with us.  We will offer a Just For Fun for  HS Customs Car Show entrants for $5 and this will be separate from our SPL competitors.


We will offer Exhaust Metering for $10 with half of the entry fees taken in each class going to the Loudest Exhaust of the day in that class.  Classes will be 4cyl, 6cyl, and V-8 and up.


As always, members will recieve a $5 discount on all entries with NSCSPL.